Grammy Nominated Producer

Add Grammy Nomination to the list! Best Song Written for Visual Media: Justin Bieber's "Born to Be Somebody" from his movie "Never Say Never" written by Diane Warren.

sessions ep: 5 Robin thicke
Feb 29, 2016 | One Comment

sessions ep: 5 Robin thicke

At this point I had been playing guitar and bass at Ne-Yo’s studio for 2 months.  We start on this beautiful song with a string section and I lay down a bass line. I leave the studio around 1am and go about my business. The next day, one of Neyo’s producers calls me and tells […]

sessions ep 4:  Lloyd
Dec 27, 2015 | No Comments

sessions ep 4: Lloyd

It’s been a while, but I’m back the “Sessions” Blogs. So here we go…. I walk into 11th Street Studios with my guitar in my hand and my bass strapped across my back. I tell them I’m here for a session with StreetLove and Lloyd. I walk into the A room and I see Jasper […]

sessions ep 3: August Alsina
Nov 29, 2015 | One Comment

sessions ep 3: August Alsina

So this one is a nice lil throwback to 2013! August and I met each other way back when he was 16 through his (soon to be) manager.  We met again later after he got his first big management contract and he was a total pro in terms of attitude.  We spent a lot of […]